Trisect will take you into the world of an alternative vision of the 70's, in which World War II never took place. Humanity instead into armaments, invested time and energy in the development of new inventions. Cold fusion, brain transplantation, and teleportation are no novum, while Bee Gees are on top of charts, and bells pants and bushy sideburns are up-to-the-minute.

Inside scientific-industrial complex erected in Antarctica, you will take a fascinating journey through the maze of futuristic laboratories, industrial halls, offices and residential apartments.

You will play as sharp nanophysicist who will have to survive by building incredible machines, breaking into computers, operating various robots, synthesizing deadly chemicals and carrying out fascinating scientific experiments.

In the background of the events, three rival corporations fight for power over the world, the biologized system of the base seeks its own existence, and an unsuccessful experiment threatens the emergence of the Black Hole.